Grand Slam Skeena Valley

Grand Slam Skeena Valley Canada is the latest addition to Grand Slam Fishing Adventures. Located on the shores of Lakelse Lake near Terrace, BC; it is the perfect location for easy and direct access to the mighty Skeena river and all of its tributaries.

The Skeena system offers anglers access to world-class Salmon and steelhead fisheries such as the Kitimat River, the lower Skeena itself and multiple other tributaries like the Copper, Kalum, Kitwanga and many other rivers in the area.

Lodge Services at the Grand Slam Skeena Valley

Skeena river




Grand Slam Skeena Valley is a unique guest house surrounded by nature overlooking the the beautiful and untouched Lakelse Lake. The property specs:

  • 5 rooms divided in 2 lakeside cabins
  • dining room
  • sundeck
  • dock

Our Guest House also offers access to our Jetboat 2010 Harbercraft 1625 powered by a mercury 200 hp jet engine.

Best season to book Grand Slam Skeena Valley and start your fishing adventure depends on periods:

Mid June-July: prime chinook salmon run on the Kitimat, Kalum and Skeena rivers.

Late July - late August: Prime sockeye salmon run and summer steelhead on the Skeena river. pink and chum salmon are still present and the first Coho salmon start to run.

September- October: Best time to enjoy the Skeena’s numerous tributaries for Coho salmon and steelhead.

Terrace BC Canada is located in north western British Columbia. The nearest airport is Northwest Terrace Regional Airport and has about 8 daily flights to Vancouver International Airport.

The Cabin is located only 15 minutes away from the airport and is conveniently placed on the shore of Lakelse Lake.

Fishing at Grand Slam Skeena Valley, Terrace BC Canada

Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead are present almost year round in the Skeena system. with three major runs happening in the spring, summer and winter steelhead can be targeted from may to november with the prime time being between september and october for better fishing conditions and more enjoyable weather but in August steelhead are regularly caught while fishing for salmon in the Skeena giving anglers a good chance for a “ grand slam”.

The Skeena watershed is home to one of the largest salmon runs in the entire world. all of the 5 east Pacific salmon species return every year to spawn in the rivers of the Skeena watershed. Chinook, Chum, Pink, Sockeye and Coho are the species found in these waters with the sockeye returning in upwards of 2 million fish per year.

Trout Fishing

The Skeena River system in British Columbia, Canada, boasts a diverse range of trout species, including Cutthroat, Rainbow, Bull, and Dolly Varden trout, in addition to its famous steelhead. These species can be found in various tributaries and provide exciting opportunities for anglers. Cutthroat trout are known for their distinct red, orange, or pink slash marks, while Rainbow trout are prized for their vibrant colors. Bull trout, often larger and stronger, present a challenging catch, and Dolly Varden trout offer a unique and visually appealing fishing experience with their striking appearance. This variety makes the Skeena system a captivating destination for those looking to switch gear and target these trout species during the day.

Activities and Excursions

Sian Ka'An

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Mexico, covering 5,280 square kilometers of diverse ecosystems. It hosts a wide array of wildlife, such as jaguars, sea turtles, and bird species, while promoting conservation and sustainable tourism.



Enjoy a rewarding fishing experience in the protected area of Sian Ka'an Reserve, located 1 Km from Punta Allen and 2h from Tulum. Our local expert guides of Grand Slam Ascension Bay Mexico Lodge will lead you in fly and spin fishing, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.


Bike ride to Punta Allen

Ascension Bay is not only a fishing destination for anglers, but offers also several sport and nature activities. Explore Punta Allen on four bikes and capture a picture with the iconic steel sculpture of the Permit, a symbol of the area's fishing heritage.


Bird Watching

With our boats we offers exceptional bird-watching opportunities in its vast biosphere reserve. With diverse habitats, including wetlands and coastal areas, visitors can spot a wide variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Fishing Packages Rates

Are you a nature explorer ?

We have packages and accomodation also for guests not fishing.


Special Packages


Fishing & Snorkeling

Experience two action-packed days of flats fishing, challenging yourself against elusive game fish in the crystal-clear waters. On the third day, immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater world through snorkeling while keeping an eye out for fascinating wildlife encounters.

Fish and Tour

Spend two exhilarating days of flats fishing, seeking prized game fish. Then, for the next two days, immerse yourself in the wonders of nature through captivating wildlife tours. Encounter a mesmerizing array of birds, graceful sea turtles, gentle manatees, and playful dolphins, creating unforgettable memories.

Fish, Tour and Relax

Enjoy a full day of thrilling fishing, testing your skills against prized game fish in the serene waters. On the next day, embark on an action-packed "RC" tour, indulging in snorkeling, wildlife watching, and a delightful lunch on a sandy island. Finally, unwind and recharge on the third day, savoring a leisurely day of relaxation at the lodge.

Family Fishing Trip

This package is perfect for introducing your kids to the joys of fishing without an intense full-day commitment. Unite the family and experience the wonders of nature with this package designed for fun and bonding.

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