8 hrs. maximum 6 pax

Enjoy a unique tour in Punta Allen, Sian Ka'An Reserve

Snorkeling in Ascension Bay Mexico is unique tour organized by Grand Slam Ascension Bay Mexico Lodge is a must when you are in Punta Allen. You can see dolphins swimming free, discover the amazing reef and at the end you can relax in a natural swimming pool.

This tour start leaving the Grand Slam Ascension Bay Mexico Lodge with a panga. The first stop is in the bay in front of the lighthouse where our crew will try to find a group of dolphins. Our bay is like a nursery where you can find mum with her little baby dolphin swimming together in harmony… this is a unique show in the world. Be ready with you camera.

After that we will move to San Juan Island. Here, a big community of frigates live and take rest after one day catching in the open sea. After that we will move to the bay in front of Punta Allen where we will search dolphins and turtles watching. Here we’ll have one of the best snorkeling experience watching a lot of big and little fishes swimming around you.

The end will be a relaxing moment in a place called natural swimming pool.

Whether you're at our lodge for a fishing vacation or you're here for a Nature Reserve vacation, don't miss this unique experience during your stay at Grand Slam Ascension Bay Mexico.

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